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I haven't seen any posts from this group in awhile so i thought I would ask how everyone is doing. I hope all is well. I miss you ladies.
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I was wondering the same. Going to be at the top edge of this communities age guidelines (25) by the end of the year, but we're TTC our second child. Just got some good news on my 3 year old (almost 4 now!)...he's had an eating disorder since infancy and the doctors just finally figured out why.

Alls good over here, except we're impatient about the conceiving. ;)
That is awesome, I am glad they found an answer to your questions. congrats on your little one. Keep me posted.
I'm 24, so I'm at the top end as well, but I'm doing well ... finished my AA in June, and started my BA in August! My 4.5 year old just started preschool, so she's very excited to be going to school like Mama, and my 16 month old still gets plenty of Mama time since I'm with him every morning and afternoon while my husband is at work. :)
That is awesome. My little one hasn't started school yet but she will next year. She can't wait. I think she is more excited about having a back pack then anything else right now.
My first an only is in kindergarten now- Weird how time can go by so fast!

Now that I've deleted facebook; I'm pretty sure why most of us are inactive!